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10 Things to Always Do When You Check Into a Hotel Room

Staying at a hotel should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, providing the opportunity to escape the stress and strains of daily life – as long as you follow these 10 tips to ensure your plants thrive while away on vacation! While vacation time should be spent relaxing and unwinding, steps must still be taken to ensure a safe and pleasant stay for you and your plants alike.

No one likes being disappointed after anticipating an unforgettable vacation only to be disappointed upon arriving at their hotel room. Even minor issues, like no shampoo in your bathroom, can ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip, which is why it is wise to thoroughly inspect each hotel room upon arriving – here are seven tasks you should complete as soon as you check into a room and ensure peace during your stay!

**1. Inspect the Room for Cleanliness:

Before unpacking and settling down in your room, take some time to perform a comprehensive cleanliness inspection. Inspect the bathroom, bed linens, floors, and surfaces for signs of dirt, dust or untidiness – and if something doesn’t meet your standards don’t hesitate to request another room change as health and peace of mind during your stay are of utmost importance!

**2. Test Amenities:

Modern hotel rooms come equipped with various amenities, ranging from Wi-Fi and air conditioning units to coffee makers and hairdryers. To make sure these amenities are functioning as intended, test them as soon as you enter the room to make sure everything works as it should; an early inspection allows ample time for repairs or replacements should anything malfunction, preventing inconvenience later on.

**3. Analyse Safety Features:

Prioritize safety when booking a hotel room. Locate emergency exits, review fire escape plans posted behind doors, and ensure the smoke detector works by pressing its “test” button. Moreover, double check that each room features secure lock and chain to add another layer of protection against burglars.

**4. Test Bed Comfort:

Sleep is of the utmost importance on any travel trip, so take time to test the bed’s comfort level by sitting and lying down on it. If the mattress feels too firm or soft for your liking, don’t hesitate to request either a mattress topper or room change; additionally make sure pillows and blankets are clean and cozy for optimal restful restful nights of restful restful restful slumber.

**5. Check Your Mini-Bar and Snacks:

If your room features a mini-bar or snacks, take a moment to review their contents and prices. Take note of any preexisting damage or missing items so as to avoid being charged extra at checkout; additionally if using the mini-bar be mindful of any charges associated with each item.

**6. Modify Temperature and Lighting:

Modify Temperature and Lighting

Your comfort is of utmost importance in creating the ultimate experience. Adjust the room’s temperature as per your own comfort, experiment with lighting effects to create the ideal ambience and take advantage of modern smart room controls that enable you to customize these settings from your mobile app for ultimate ease.

**7. Acquaint Yourself With Hotel Policies:

Each hotel has their own set of policies and guidelines that you should become acquainted with before making your reservation. Take the time to go over any relevant booklets found at reception desks or bedside tables that outline these details such as check-out times, breakfast hours, pool/gym access rules or any other pertinent details in order to plan your stay effectively and avoid any misunderstandings. This can help ensure a smooth stay experience!

**8. Check the locks work

Make sure the door and windows can be locked effectively and draw mesh curtains during the day to hide contents or occupancy. If you are concerned about break ins ask for a room which isn’t on the ground floor.
Always ensure you can easily enter your room as well. If you have more than one key card, be sure to test each independently – nothing worse than arriving late at night only to struggle getting into your own space!

**9. Check the phone works

Your hotel phone should serve more than just early wakeup calls it should also be there in an emergency situation, so always double-check that it’s working when you arrive. Get the direct number to the front desk and test it to ensure its proper functionality call out of town as well so you know you can reach anyone necessary, such as emergency services if necessary.

Keep a record of the hotel address details near the phone too; you will need this should emergency services be needed. Also check that your own phone can pick up enough signal to call loved ones if necessary and that Wi-Fi remains reliable throughout your stay if making video calls or hosting business meetings from there.

**10. Use the safe

If you are carrying valuables with you it is much safer to store them in the hotel room safe rather than hiding them around your room itself. Unfortunately, no hotel room safe can offer 100% protection; staff may still gain entry if your code gets lost. As such, high value items might be best stored in the main safe of the hotel (if available) where there will be an audit trail for what has been stored there as well as monitoring by security cameras for extra peace of mind. Safe deposit boxes might also be an option.

If you prefer using the room safe instead, make sure it contains an unbreakable code like 0000 or 1234 so it cannot be easily cracked by prying eyes.


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